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5000 Series

The LARICK 5000 Series machine can be configured to sand the top, bottom or sides of parts utilizing a chain driven roller feed system. It has a fixed height conveyor. 

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Product Description



The 5000 Series machine can be configured to sand  the top, bottom or sides of parts utilizing a chain driven roller feed system. It has a fixed height conveyor. 

The top and bottom spindles are belt driven with full power down to 450 RPM. Side heads may be direct drive with horizontal, vertical and tilt adjustments, or belt driven for increased torque. Speed and direction are controlled from the touchscreen. Each motor’s load is also displayed. 

Pillar Machine will build the 5000 series machine to fit your needs for  width, height, and number of Top, Bottom or Side Heads. 

Inverters control the feed rate, spindle speed, and rotational direction. Larger diameter sanding and wire brushes deliver best results.  Top and bottom spindles are belt driven for increased torque.  Side heads may have tilt and vertical adjustment with direct drive motors,  or be belt driven to increase torque. 

The 5000 Series is designed with a small footprint, is rugged, dependable, and manufactured with as many ‘off the shelf’ parts as possible to minimize downtime and maintenance. 

See the 5000 Series in Action!

Machine Specifications


  • Spindles: Various combinations of Top, Bottom and sides, 1.25” diameter 
  • Voltage: 208-240V, 400-480V, or 575V 3ph 
  • Variable Speed: AC Inverter, 200-900rpm 
  • Conveyor: Various widths, 4-47 ft/min std 
  • View of Side Heads Opening Height: Up to 12” 


Larick Machinery is a Ft. Collins Colorado based machine manufacturing company that was acquired by Pillar Machine in the Fall of 2022.

Larick Machinery is a natural fit in the Pillar Machine product line. As Pillar Machine offers the highest quality woodworking CNC Machines in the US, Larick Machinery and their commitment to creating the most user-friendly and versatile profile sanders on the market was a natural fit.

This machine is part of the Larick Machinery lineup that is now offered exclusively by Pillar Machine.



All Pillar Machine Machines are built 100% in the USA.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

Additional benefits include.

  • Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America.
  • This increases parts availability & and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support
  • When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired and tested your machine.

Made in the USA