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230 Profile Sander

The Model 230 Profile Sander is a two spindle machine designed for use with flexible brush type sanding wheels. The machine is on caster and can be moved to the out feed end of a moulder, or above a conveyor, to sand parts as they exit the machine.

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Product Description

230 Profile Sander

The 230 Series Profile Sander is a two spindle machine designed for use with flexible brush type sanding wheels. The spindles adjust individually, with vertical, horizontal, tilt and rotation. It can be placed at the outfeed end of a moulder, over a table, or used to sand free-hand.


The spindle motors are controlled by inverters giving individual variable speed and sanding direction.  

The spindles on the Model 230 adjust individually to sand the top, bottom, front, or back of parts. In addition to the built in adjustment of the stands, the stands may slide forward/back on the base in addition to mounting the base higher or lower. Locking casters allow it to be rolled into position and locked in place.


Watch the 230 Profile Sander in Action!

Machine Specifications

  • Motors: (2) 1 HP 6 pole 3ph
  • Voltage
    • Model 232: 208-240V 1 or 3ph 50-60hz
    • Model 234: 400-480V 3ph 50-60hz
  • Variable Speed: AC Inverter, 100-1200rpm  Arbor: 1.25” Dia., up to 10” Long
  • Vertical Travel: 18”
  • Footprint: 37.5” wide, 32” deep
  • Dust Collection: (2) 3” round, 400cfm total


Larick Machinery is a Ft. Collins Colorado based machine manufacturing company that was acquired by Pillar Machine in the Fall of 2022.

Larick Machinery is a natural fit in the Pillar Machine product line. As Pillar Machine offers the highest quality woodworking CNC Machines in the US, Larick Machinery and their commitment to creating the most user-friendly and versatile profile sanders on the market was a natural fit.

This machine is part of the Larick Machinery lineup that is now offered exclusively by Pillar Machine.




All Pillar Machine Machines are built 100% in the USA.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

Additional benefits include.

  • Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America.
  • This increases parts availability & and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support
  • When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired and tested your machine.

Made in the USA