The 2S is a multi-axis, mulit-function CNC horizonal machine. It is designed to size edge glued panels safely and accurately. This raised panel door machine can also be Pillar-Linked to any order entry program and scan bar codes to virtually eliminate the need for the operator to do anything other than load the part to be cut. One of the greatest features of the 2S is the safety factor. The potential risk of getting any fingers in the way of the saw blade is nearly non-existent. The design of the machine itself along with the process of how an operator uses the machine keeps hands clear of the moving blade during proper use. This raised panel door machine has touch screen controls to enter the panel dimension and control the CNC fence positioning. Once a panel size is entered it takes about 30 seconds to size the panel to the correct dimension.  All scrap is removed automatically allowing the operator to concentrate on producing product. Stock machines ship within 2 weeks

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