Save your valuable time by taking a look at some of our helpful machine tips and tricks. A hand-full of machine issues can be resolved very easily by following our simple tips and tricks.


“Watch Dog”

Have you ever powered up your machine and recieved a ‘Watch Dog’ error? The typical FIX for this is by NOT having the E-Stop pressed when powering up your machine. Simple but effective! 

Shutting Down Your Computer Correctly

Using this tip can help preserve your hard drive lifespan!
Use the ‘Exit’ button on your program screen, or if you have exited to Windows, just use the menu shut down functions. 

Having trouble wiht your program? Software locked up or frozen?
Try pressing the momentary soft button on your computer’s chassis. This should initiate a Windows shutdown routine manually. 

Shim Your Spindle Correctly

The shim must go at the front of the spindle between the 2 mount bolts. Do not shim anywhere in the middle of the two spindle plates. This will cause the spindle plate to flex, causing misalignment.

Incorrect Shim Placement

Correct Shim Placement


Greasing Your Machine’s Bearings

Greasing your bearings regularly will help prevent costly downtime.

Dowel Inserter Cylinder Rebuild

A step-by-step how-to.

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