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As one of the leading CNC machine shops we offer general tips and tricks to help you operate our machines more effectively. CNC manufacturing is a competitive industry, and within the industry there are multiple ways of approaching CNC Machining Services.  We’ve figured out the best ways to help you get the most bang for your buck!

Our dedication to you, the customer, shows in every aspect of our CNC manufacturing process and we are here to assist you and your next big project, company milestone, and machine purchase. We want to be your go-to CNC Machine Shop for your next machine purchase, and beyond.  

Scroll through some of our trips and tricks offered and don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

Miter Door Glue Process

Glue Process To glue the joint, coat the inside walls of the mortise, the bottom of the Mortise, as well as the back side of the mitered part (as shown in the picture). The idea is to not have too much glue that you have excessive hydraulic pressure in the joint. Also you don’t want [...]

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Learn The Assembly Process

Assembly Process The easiest way to assemble your five pieces (two stiles, two rails, and one panel) is to make a fixture on your assembly table like pictured below. The wood strips are 2” tall and have 1” of space between them. Lay your stiles in the last two spaces and rails in the first [...]

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Mortise and Tenon Pin Length

Tenon and Mortise Centerline and Pin Length The tenon and mortise should be placed in a position that allows the pin in the assembly process to go thru the back of the door, thru the tenon and into the far side of the mortise enough to keep the joint closed while the glue is drying. [...]

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Panel Size Calculator

  Click the link below to download our Excel file (xlsx.) panel size calculator. Panelsizecalculator

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