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Pillar Machine is a CNC machine company that specializes in innovative, customizable, and high-quality woodworking and cabinet machines. Our mission is to enable companies to increase their competitive edge through custom manufacturing solutions of woodworking and cabinet machines.  
As one of the top CNC machine companies we are constantly innovating new solutions that improve product quality and reduce your overhead costs while minimizing human error. We stay on top of industry best practices by allowing our sophisticated software applications and CNC machines to work hand-in-hand with traditional craftsmanship and artistry.  
This repository of articles is intended to give insight into the projects we are working on to improve our woodworking and cabinet machines.  

Tenon Machines

Why Pillar Machine's Mortise and Tenon Machine One of the strongest methods known, to join two pieces of wood, is a mortise and tenon joint. It also happens to be one of the oldest known ways of joining timber, and is almost always achieved at a 90° angle. It is, without a doubt, the most [...]

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Customer Testimonials

PLYWOOD PRODUCTS This was our second Pillar Machine. We stayed with Pillar because we were happy with the first machine. This was by far the easiest purchase that I have made. Bruce Mosser Plywood Products Huntington, WV BRIDGEWOOD CABINETS Our high degree of satisfaction with our first CMJ machine led us to buy two more. [...]

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Miter Door Glue Process

Glue Process To glue the joint, coat the inside walls of the mortise, the bottom of the Mortise, as well as the back side of the mitered part (as shown in the picture). The idea is to not have too much glue that you have excessive hydraulic pressure in the joint. Also you don’t want [...]

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Haunch Machines

HMJ Machine Series The HMJ is a CNC machining center used for producing high quality haunch joints, which are used in many furniture and cabinet applications. The haunch head miters the profile for beaded face frame applications on both stiles and rails. Learn More!   MTH Machine Series The MTH is a multi-axis CNC horizontal machining [...]

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