All about Miter Machines

The most common joint seen in picture frame or corner piece fabrication is the miter joint. Miter joints are ideal for this purpose because the 45° angle creates a much better surface area for adhesive than a butt joint. It also hides the end grain so that the finished product is beautifully clean and flush.

MMTJ RenderingWhen manufacturing professional miter joints accuracy is of paramount importance, especially in the process of mass production. Often a miter cut will be combined with a mortise and tenon joint for added strength and durability. Using a miter machine is going to provide the accuracy and speed necessary for the fabrication of many miter cuts/joints in a small amount of time.

Using a miter machine, with CNC technology, will provide joints that self-align, and the ability to cut various materials, such as MDF or even vinyl-wrapped profiles. The machine will also eliminate the need for complicated setup procedures, delay between cuts, and erroneous measurements. From start to finish a single miter joint is going to be completed in a matter of moments.

Pillar Machine miter machines provide the utmost in technological advancement, making for a reliable, and easy to use experience for the operator. From the easy to read touchscreen controls, to the internal CNC software that has been custom created by our specialists, everything about these machines is a pleasant experience. Our software engineers have created a friendly end-use experience, where the operator only has to know how to read and push a button to make full use of the equipment.

All Pillar Machine machines are manufactured in our Salt Lake City, Utah factory. The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

  • Including, Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America, which assure the customers need for replacement parts availability and assures competitive pricing
  • Factory Support – When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the employees that built, wired and tested your machine

Pillar Machine has made it easy to create your own timber furniture and décor with their top quality tools and machines.