Assembly Process

The easiest way to assemble your five pieces (two stiles, two rails, and one panel) is to make a fixture on your assembly table like pictured below. The wood strips are 2” tall and have 1” of space between them. Lay your stiles in the last two spaces and rails in the first two spaces, plow/panel grove facing up, mortises to the right (Step #1 below). Proceed to apply the glue to the mortise side of the joint (see glue process mentioned in process #16). Take the first rail and insert its tenon into the mortise that is in the last position’s stile, making an “L” (Step #2 below), then put the panel into the “L” (Step #3 below) followed by the last rail (Step #4 below). Lastly, install the last stile on top (Step #5 below). The 5 stiles and rails don’t need the joints closed up tight at this point, the clamp will close all the joints.

Table Fixture

assm table 1 fixture

Step #1

1assm table 1 500

Step #2

1assm table 2 500

Step #3

1assm table 3 500t

Step #4

1assm table 4 500

Step #5

1assm table 5 500