Using dowel pins for woodworking and furniture is an important, and elegant, part of making a strong, quality product, such as chairs, cabinets, and frames. It can make creating joints between various pieces of timber straightforward, quick, and uncomplicated. Dowel pin joints can be found in almost every piece of furniture, made in a factory, to considerably help strengthen the product against extended use, wear, and strain.


Drilling the holes required for a dowel pin joint requires extreme accuracy, as the bore must be a perfect 90° to the face of the joint or, when the product is assembled, the pin will twist and will not match up correctly. In addition, dowel pin alignment can be difficult when joining the two pieces of wood. A dowel insertion machine is an irreplaceable tool, used towards the goal of perfect accuracy, which enables you to mass-produce any piece of woodwork that might require a dowel pin joint.

Dowel insertion machines follow a three-step process to complete the project. First, using a direct drive routing spindle, it bores the hole the dowel pin will be placed in. Second, an injecting system injects glue into the bore, keeping everything mess free. Finally, the machine will fire a dowel pin into the bore, completing one side of the dowel pin joint. This entire process is completed, to perfection, in a matter of seconds, making dowel pin joints more efficient than ever before.

As always, Pillar Machine products use CNC technology. When you combine Pillar Machine’s CNC technology with a dowel insertion machine, it makes the project easier, the process more accurate, and the production faster. Our experienced engineers have written our “object oriented” software “in house” to make it to easy to create new programs. You can effortlessly write programs in one minute or less, save, and recall them, instantly, to be used later.

Our Salt Lake City Factory handles the production of all Pillar Machine tools and machines, meaning that you will be purchasing an American made machine, and supporting the local economy.

However, the benefits of purchasing from Pillar Machine continue beyond simply a support of local economy.

Additional benefits include.

  • Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America
  • This increases parts availability & and assures honest pricing
  • Real Factory Support
  • When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired and tested your machine

Creating your own timber furniture and décor has never been easier than with Pillar Machines, and their top quality tools and machines.