About CNC Machines

CNC technology, something Pillar Machines specializes in, is a means for automated milling devices to fabricate industrial components without the direct assistance or manual operation by a person. “CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control, and the numbers control the movement of a cutter, by way of an X, Y, and Z axis.


By using machines with CNC technology parts can be manufactured with unparalleled accuracy, achieving a level of precision that is impossible to match to using older machines, with a speed that can’t be met by the older machines as well. In addition, the process is repeated in exactly the same way over and over again, ensuring that each and every component fabricated meets the exact specifications needed. Components that are beyond the scope of manual machining, in complexity, are easy to achieve with a CNC technology machine.

By employing a workforce trained with CNC machines, waste is nearly eliminated, time is saved, and errors are nearly extinct. The machines make it possible to produce thousands of components or parts with minimal human interface, freeing the operator to perform other tasks, improving productivity and bottom-line efficiency.

CNC machines have come a long way since their initial creation. They have evolved from needing instructions from a hard-wired control, which could never be altered, to a software-based input that can be modified to the user’s need. These programs can be saved and recalled instantly to make things even more convenient. The computer that controls these machines is no ordinary PC. It is a very specific and unique set of software and console that are the basis for a functioning CNC machine.

With the advent, evolution, and improvement of CNC technology and machines, the industrial fabrication of components or parts has never been faster, more reliable, and easier. CNC machines can be used continuously for 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and only occasionally powered down for minor maintenance. As long as the operator has a basic understanding of math, and can read, the resulting manufactured components are perfect in almost every way.