100% Tax write-off? Lighten your load by the end of the year!


Take advantage of Section 179 a 100% tax write-off of equipment. Equipment needs to be purchased and delivered by the 31st of December! Check with your tax advisor to see if your company qualifies. If you have met your maximum Section 179 allowable write off, do not qualify or just choose to not use Section 179, there is an alternative; a 50% bonus depreciation is available for 2103 for new equipment only. This means that 50% of the cost of qualifying purchases can be taken as depreciation in lieu of Section 179 expensing. There is no limit and it is not capped by the profitability of the business.

General information can be obtained through your Regional Sales Manager. Customers should consult with their tax advisors to determine eligibility and actual tax savings.

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Pillar Machine is in the business of manufacturing machinery and does not profess to be a tax advisor or accountant.