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Is it time to rebuild your glue injector?

- Leaking Nozzle?

- Injecting too much glue or water?

-Inconsistent injection flow?

-Glue or water internally?


These are all symptoms of a glue injector

needing to be rebuilt.

Replacing the rings inside the glue injector of your dowel inserting machine can help prevent unwanted issues from happening...

...the alignment of these newly replaced quad-rings is
crucial to the performance of your glue injector.

We now offer a tool to make this a quick and easy process for you to accomplish!


- Aligns the quad-rings and plug

- Tightens the plug, securing the quad-rings

- Designed to stop when the quad-rings are tightened just right.


The tool holds the four quad-rings in place and aligns them with the plug that keeps them secure as you use the tool to tighten the plug.
The tool has a 5/16 bolt head. Most interchangeable head screwdrivers fit right onto it, making it that much more simple to use, so you can get back to what's important.





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